Multichannel retail is something that everyone agrees can bring great results to a business, but everyone also agrees that it is a strategy that can be very complicated to manage. If you are someone that has decided on multichannel retail for your own business, then this is an amazing article for you to read because we are going to be giving you the secret to executing this in the right way and that is the Shopify ecommerce platform. There are a lot of different platforms out there that you can use in order to get help with multichannel ecommerce but we have to say that not a lot of them come close to Shopify, which is why it is our favourite option. Make sure to keep on reading to learn more about Shopify and how it can help your business in the UK.


This is a platform that you have probably already heard of, especially if you have an ecommerce business. That is because Shopify is the leader when it comes to pretty much everything that has to do with ecommerce since it was primarily designed to be a website builder and solution for small businesses. It has really grown since those days and it is now a complete ecommerce solution, a slogan generator, a website builder and it even offers an excellent POS system and much more. Moreover, it will offer you some of the best tools in the business, along with the best security which will keep all of your data intact and some of the best customer service you will even get from an ecommerce platform. If you want to give it a try, we recommend you to check out, https://ecommerce-platforms.com/compare/shopify-vs-magento-community-edition-ecommerce-platform-comparison

Multichannel retail

Obviously, Shopify offers some really great multichannel ecommerce capabilities that will allow you to sell on some of the best channels out there, and even channels that a lot of people don’t know about. With the help of Shopify you will be able to run all of those channels from the same interface, Shopify’s interface. It is very user-friendly and even people that don’t know a lot about ecommerce platforms will be able to manage it. Of course, you will also get some great tools that will help you run those channels further. One of the best and most useful tools that you will get is an inventory management system. Inventory management is difficult enough to deal with even with one channel, but when you are selling on multiple channels you will really need help. Shopify will give you a real-life view of every single aspect of your inventory, for every single channel, and you will always know where you need to add stocks and where you need to order less. You can also automate the orders which means that you will never be out of stock of your best sellers, on any of your channels.

Great integrations

Something that makes Shopify so great at multichannel ecommerce are all of the different integrations that it offers, and today we are going to talk about some of the ones we feel will the best for your business in the UK. The first one is Amazon, which is of course one of the best online marketplaces. Selling on Amazon opens your business up to millions of people all over the world, which is a great way to grow your sales. The next great integration is with Facebook which is a great social media platform to use if you want to really target your audience and Instagram which will really help you with marketing, and even sales. The last trend in online retail is selling through messaging apps and Shopify will give you the ability to integrate with Facebook Messenger and give you the ability to really connect to your customers.

If you had any doubts whether Shopify was a good platform for you to use when you want to deal with multichannel ecommerce, then hopefully this article cleared things up for you. We hope you enjoyed reading it and that you will give Shopify the chance to help you with multichannel retail in the UK.

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